Edit Suite

Apple - 4 GHz Core i7 - 32 GB Ram

Full UHD and 4 K Support

Graphics - AMD Radeon 4096 MB

16 TB Thunderbolt RAID 5  - High Speed Performance and maximum Data Security

3 TB External Backup Drive

2 x 27'' UHD Monitor, 1 X 24'' Full HD Preview Monitor

Genelec Monitor Speakers

ZED 10 Stereo Mixer with 4 Professional XLR Inputs

Sony PDW U1 XD-Cam Drive for 23 GB and 50 GB Dics

Panasonic P2 Card Reader

Adobe Premiere CC

After Effects CC

Adobe Creative Suite CC

AVID or Final Cut upon request



High Speed Internet Connection

Stable Upload - 100 mBit/s

Full HD FTP upload faster than real time

(23GB XD-Cam Disc approx. 35 minutes, 50GB Disc approx. 75 minutes, please note that the upload speed depends also on the speed of the receiving server)


Air Condition

Complimentary WiFi


Lounge Rooms

Kitchenette with Coffee Maker and Refrigerator

Meeting Room with Data Projector and Flipchart 


Several cafes and restaurants nearby

Smoking is not allowed in the building




Media Quarter Marx - Building 3.4

Maria Jacobi Gasse 1

1030 Wien

+43 676 3869091



Directly on your way to the airport

Highway A 23, Exit "St. Marx"


Parking - as complicated as it is ;-)


The whole area is a strictly enforced pay zone, the fee is € 2,10 per hour, parking time is limited to 2 hours, Mo - Fr 9 am - 10 pm. Tickets must be purchased in ADVANCE, there are NO tickets available at the compound.  Tickets can be bought from banks and tobacconists (Trafik) throughout Vienna.


There is a garage directly beneath the building, Henneberggasse 2-4, 1030 Wien

€ 2/h , € 24 for 24 hours, all cards accepted

Please note that the garage is accessible by car only via Schlachthausgasse and Viehmarktgasse, NOT via Maria-Jacobi-Gasse - it's a 12 minutes detour from there...


Public Transport - Do it for your nerves and the environment


Subway Line U3 "Schlachthausgasse" - 10 minutes walk or change to

Bus Line 80 A  "Maria-Jacobi-Gasse" - 3 minutes walk

Tram Line 18 "Viehmarktgasse" - 5 minutes walk

Bus Line 74 A "Viehmarktgasse" - 5 minutes walk

Tram Line 71 "Sankt Marx" - 5 minutes walk


I you need a taxi, call 0160160 - the service is fast and reliable, waiting time is usually less than 5 minutes. Fares from downtown or the Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) approx. € 12 to € 15, to or from the airport approx. € 35, depending on traffic conditions and time of day. Travel time to the airport is approx. 25 minutes. Travel time downtown or to the Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) is approx. 15 minutes.


Fun facts - why is Marx referred to as a saint in Vienna? The name Sankt Marx is a corruption of Saint Marcus ;-)


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Wiener Linien - Public Transport